Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Dress Tale

     What’s Up November, What’s Up Everybody?! Tamu apologizes for the one month delay between posts! Time got away from me, once again.  “Like the sand in the hour glass, so are….” I’ll let you finish that one! Hopefully, you’ve been lucky like me, to hold onto 60 & 70 degree days; pretty damn good for November. (For those of you experiencing higher temps…whatever!) At the start of a new season, I, quickly, pack away clothes that I know I won’t wear during the new season. I use that time to donate clothes that I have not worn at all; not even to use for layering. During my recent “pack-up” session, I came across a maxi dress I hadn’t worn in 3 years; why did I STILL have it?! At the time of my purchase, for some reason, I thought it was cute. Perhaps it was the price that pulled me in!
It took me wearing the green tent a few times to realize it was not flattering on me. The designer in me loved how the fabric felt and started thinking on ways I could save this dress. So, like jesus turned water into wine, I turned the dress into a skirt.  The skirt turned out to be something I’ll keep close and center in my closet for all seasons. The material is a light weight rayon, and with leggings, the skirt can be worn, comfortably, throughout colder temperatures. Worn with a sequence tank, a bad- assed leather jacket, and I’m-going-to-walk-slow-on-purpose-so-everyone-can-see-me boots, it’s perfect for a party or to a happy hour session; it’s also length and style appropriate for work. Let’s just say the skirt can be worn anywhere!

If you have something in your closet that you haven’t worn for a minute and need ideas on making the piece look brand new, let me know by commenting on this blog. You can also throw an email to Let’s style together!

I cut off the straps; which created the elastic waist for the skirt. I created 3 tucks on the left and right sides to shorten the length.

The tucks created a high-low hem, which is one of my favorite design features!

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