Saturday, October 8, 2016

Get Some In October

     I hope everyone’s October has started off in a peaceful, productive, and positively eventful way.  Regardless of how your October has started, please keep walking, keep moving, keep going forward. Here’s a short story for you.  I recently talked to a woman who shared with me her dreams of writing children’s books. She started to vent to me that after she worked her day job, she “just couldn’t bring (herself) to work on (her) book because (she) was mentally drained.” After a week of listening to her vent, I took both of her hands in mine and said “Listen. You have to do it. You have to get the mental energy, from the time you leave your job to the time you put your keys into the lock on your door, you have to find the mental energy. Someone needs you to write your books. Stop telling yourself you don’t have the energy. You have to get some motivation. Do you want to work that job for the rest of your life?!” The next day I saw her, she told me she went home and wrote 6 pages. Present
day, she has completed her first book and is in the editing phase and I’m excited for her.
     Little did she know on that particular day, I was in no condition to motivate anybody. I had just found out there were a few promising (or so I thought) business deals that ended up in the toilet. So, on that day, I was ready to shred all business plans! While I was talking to Ms. Author, I surprised myself at all the motivational energy that I suddenly had. At that time, I wanted to turn my attention to something else to get a break from my business woes. I didn’t expect to be someone’s motivator. When Ms. Author told me about her milestone, it was just the boost I needed. You would be surprised at how much you are helping someone else on your worst day (or what you think is your worst day). That help will come back to you.

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  1. My October has been a blend of ups and downs. Mediocre at best. I need some brown sugar to sweeten it up some. Have a great week banana bread.