Monday, September 19, 2016

Free To Hang

The Season, that I’m convinced was made especially for me, comes to an end, which I’m never ready for, in a few days. At each end, I brace myself for Summer’s exit while looking into the forecast to see exactly how many days of wearing shorts I have left. Slowly, I’ve started to shift my closet: packing away shorts and sandals. But I will not pack away my bright colored/printed dresses. Dresses can be the perfect layering piece during cooler weather. The bright colors can also help keep your mood up when it’s gloomy outside with snow filled skies. Who said bright, bold colors and prints can only be worn during Spring and Summer months?!
The pictures below show how a bright, floral, rayon jersey dress can be transitioned from Spring to Winter. Moral of this post: Keep the dresses, the bright ones, the floral ones, even the short ones, free to hang in the Winter! 

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