Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In A Makeup Minute!

I hope YOUR Hump Day was fabulous! I wanted to share this quick makeup tip which I will have to use these next several days while I travel for business. I’m looking at this schedule with my eyes scrunched up as if doing that is going to change what I see!  Anyway, this tip will help wake up your eyes when you’re running on little sleep or you want to try something different with your eye makeup. This tip can be played down during the day and can easily be dramatized for that mid-week party! Real simple: Take a cotton swab and dab the inside corner of your eye with a lighter eye shadow than what you may be wearing on your lids. If you use an eye shadow trio or quad, the color you’ll use will be the lightest color in the group. This trick has a way of opening your eyes and giving you an “I’m awake- I’m rested" look; when you know your secret is in that shadow.  For a look that’s more dramatic, use the same technique, only this time use a makeup pad, and spread the color to the midpoint of your lower lash line while slightly smearing your eye liner. That’s it! Easy, no fuss glam. 
I did the simple daytime look here by only dabbing the inner corner of my eyes.
I used the color to your right. To get the "bright eye" effect, stick with colors of the shades shown here. Now, If you want to have fun with this and really be dramatic, then use shades of purple, even green.

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