Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be Sweet and Live!

In this blog, we’ve focused on apparel and makeup with a sprinkle of inspiration. In this post, I had to break out of the usual to put highlights on this young fireball; her name is Mikaila. Mikaila is the 11-yr old owner of BeeSweet Lemonade. If you haven’t heard of her or the company, please step out of your cave. We’ll wait. 

I came across an article about her, which led me to her website. After spending a few moments reading her story and glancing through pictures that highlight her speaking engagements, I was reminded of a few things. Consider this: kids teach us to be fearless. Kids remind us that boldness and confidence is innate; fear is not. Kids remind us to be unstoppable. Kids teach us to just try! 

Even for those of us who have taken the launch and are pursuing our visions, life has a way of hardening us and interfering with our freedom to think big; to be confident; to be great; to be powerful; to be positive influencers. At 11 years old, according to her website, Mikaila is already teaching other kids to be business owners! Now, Tamu is not telling you to run around the earth doing childish things. Because if you do and you get picked up, don’t call me and don’t mention Tamu Talks! Prince told all of us to act our age and not our shoe size! What I am saying is this: Let’s be reminding of how free we were, in our early years, to believe we could do anything because we thought we could; and have anything just because we asked. Mikaila once thought she could have a lemonade stand; she now has stands all over the country in health food stores and restaurants.

Check out her website:

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