Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flowers In Your Closet

When shopping, my motto is buy the shoes first.  This forces you to think outside of the shoe box; instead of reaching for a typical black, brown, or gray shoe that “goes with everything." You’ll be free to pick up a shoe that comes in a loud color or a print that you wouldn’t normally buy. As we have seen, we can’t get away from that flower print if we wanted to. ‘Tis the season for it…right? Flowers are not really my favorite print on clothes; I can seem to handle them better on shoes. Maybe you normally reach for a solid, neutral, muted shoe color because either #1 It makes shopping easier, #2 You simply like those solid colors, or #3 You would like to get out of your comfort zone and buy a printed shoe, but don’t know where to start or how to pair them. Let’s say you are #3. Why not start with a muffled shoe print; one that has dark undertones. The dark undertones may make it easier for you to pair with a solid top and bottom, or a solid dress. Take a look at the picture that shows three ideas of how to wear a muted, flower-print, shoe.
Left to right: Solid grey sweat pants (yes..sweats!) and fuchsia sweater, corset dress w/ solid denim at the top and bright yellow on the bottom, & black top w/ black and white stripe skirt (yes..you can mix stripes with another print!) There you have it! The same flower print worn with 3 separate outfits.

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