Friday, August 1, 2014

Another ONE

Even if you don't follow what goes on in the world of ballet, you've heard of Misty Copeland. I ran across an article in Elle Magazine titled " Proof That Misty Copeland Is the Most Badass Ballerina." (The link for the article is at the bottom of this post.) I noticed in the article, there was a copy of one of the rejection letters she received on her dream catching journey. That struck me as so significant as I was reminded to keep record of my small beginnings: from my current work space that I'll just simply call "The Design Studio" to my first fashion show, and even the rejections! When you start seeing your own progress regardless of how big or small, it does something for your confidence in what you have to offer. Keeping record of your journey is not just for your inspiration, but to inspire someone else. I wonder what Misty thought when she was reading that she was "too old" to follow her ballerina dreams. She may have been sad, she may have had thoughts of "f...this", but she had enough stamina within her to keep the letter motivation and to keep dancing. Next time you receive a denial, don't throw it out. Add that to your "Progress File." You'll need it later for the next "Badass" article featuring YOU.

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