Friday, August 8, 2014

The Rookie

Twelve days until showtime.  On the last night of this fashion week, there's the finale that only ten out of the thirty designers, in the entire show, get to participate in. I was not chosen as a finale designer. Do I feel defeated? No. Am I disappointed? #&!! Yes. Now I could either choose to have an attitude, which would negate all of my hard work that I've put into this "thing" so far, or I can choose to get an explanation on why I wasn't chosen as a finale designer. I've chosen to get the explanation. My thought was that being apart of the finale, especially, as a "new" designer,  would have been a stamp of approval that I'm making clothes and building a business that's marketable and wanted! But now, four days have past, and I now think that the time, effort, and money I've put into my work, IS the approval stamp! A good analogy was used to compare what I'm doing to a rookie.  Some rookies win the championship the first time and some don't. Those that don't, they never retreat because they know they have the goods. That's all.

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