Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peace of Mind

If you have ever had this before, you know how this feels. Physically, it feels like weights have been lifted off of your shoulders. Peace of mind leads to a lighter heart. If you really pay attention, you even breathe lighter when you have peace of mind. Literally, your head feels lighter! Peace of mind can give you clearer vision. You start to look at situations differently. You start to notice opportunities in bleak situations. You start to feel like you can accomplish anything at anytime because your peace of mind has replaced fear. Peace of mind brings smiles and laughter easier. You’ll even find your talk is different. I’ve had to get myself to this point again. Because life is so full of decisions and options, it has been easy for me to be bombarded with those questions we ask ourselves; you know the ones: How will I know if I make the right decision? Where will this option lead me? Will I fall flat on my face (and chip a tooth)? I’ve been faced with decisions before, and with my peace of mind, I picked what was behind door #2, and moved on. I know I can do the same at this particular time in my life. We have to decide to trust that the decisions we make will work out in our favor. We have to decide to trust that the plans we have made will work out in our favor. After all what else are we going to do? Worry all day? No Thanks. Worrying brings wrinkles and gray hair, neither of which I wear well. So, I’m making a conscious, daily effort to maintain my peace of mind, hope you do the same. **Peace**

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  1. Anonymous8/01/2012

    Peace is my success. When making a decision, what is the initial emotion you feel? Do you feel at peace, scared or confused to make another decision? How will the decision effect you in 10 minutes,10 months or even 10 years?