Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Comparison Part 2

We do ourselves an injustice when we compare our lives to someone else. That comparison is sometimes done without even knowing what a person’s life really looks like behind closed doors. We don’t know the inconveniences that a person has had to face everyday. We don’t know what another has had to deal with emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially to get where they are. There are certain things that I planned to have accomplished by a certain age, but those tasks are still a “work in progress.” What remains a “work in progress” for me, is an accomplished mission for some around me. When I look in the mirror I still see a successful person. I know that had I accomplished what I thought I should have accomplished by now then perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to have the experiences that I’ve had. I suspect what brings about comparisons comes from what society, and believe it or not, what our family and friends says success is supposed to look like. **Another News Flash** If you have people in your life who say things that make you feel you are less successful because you don’t have certain things or you don’t hold the “right” titles, then have an honest chat with those special ones. Tell them you don’t need their definition of success because you have your own. So class, what did we learn? Stop with the comparisons. Sloppy copies are not allowed. Success is by individual definition only. 

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