Sunday, August 5, 2012

LOVE: not the "I love you like a brother" kind

I did my best to stay away from this LOVE topic, because that could easily take my blog into another direction! But I figured I start off with a short post, otherwise it wouldn’t be TamuTalks if I didn’t. So for you men, that maybe secretly reading TamuTalks, please take note. (Side bar: No really, earlier I said TamuTalks is for men also, so please keep reading!) Ok. Here it goes:
Love is the way you feel when he says your name. Love is when he annoys the #### out of you, but yet you do not want him to leave. Love is when you argue, but yet the sound of his voice makes him irresistible. Love is when he makes you angry, but yet you cannot imagine life without him. Love is that warmth you feel when he enters the room. Love is the way you look at each other without saying a word. Love is when you sit on the same side in a booth at a restaurant (the “cheesy” alarm just went off!). Love is when he still stands out in a room full of other attractive men. Love is when life hits hard and he puts your hand inside of his and without saying a word, you know everything will be ok. Love is being blissful to be in each other presence, even when romance is hard to find. Love…to be continued.

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