Saturday, August 20, 2016

Take Care of Yourself Part 3,450

I’m still on my “rest”, “sleep”, “take a break”, “take care of yourself” kick! Sometimes this involves surrounding yourself with something or some things that help you relax. Just to name a few, it could be a book, a song, pictures, candles, or aromatherapy. Putting on perfume is a part of my daily getting-dressed routine. My favorite fragrance is Guilty by Gucci, but I can still get lost in Bath and Body Works. I reach for those soft fragrances like A Thousand Wishes; my BBW fav. There’s something light and cozy about this one so I layer up with the shower gel, fragrance mist, and lotion. After doing that, throw on some soft sweats, light a candle, turn on some jazz or just read a book; That is my version of aromatherapy.  Moral of this story: Taking care of yourself and resting doesn’t have to be a dramatic event, (unless you want it to be!), it can be really simple…like…Bath and Body Works simple.    What are you doing to take care of yourself today?

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