Sunday, August 21, 2016

Take Care of Yourself! Again!

Again Tamu?! You may be asking me through your phone, tablet, or laptop screen. So real quick, I’ll answer. Yes!  Again! This whole relaxing idea is about giving your mind and body a chance to recharge. In previous posts, we’ve talked about recharging through good old fashioned sleep and just sitting and relaxing without having to think too hard about anything. Another way to recharge is surrounding yourself with the people you love. Being around my family and friends gives me the chance to listen to what they are facing in their daily lives and to give them all of my attention. This time also gives me a chance to escape what’s going on in my own world. For me, talking to and being around my family and friends reminds me of my “Whys”: why I work the way I do, why I’m building a business, why I can’t quit. Consider that showing love to and being loved by the people in your life is a total recharge.

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