Tuesday, March 22, 2016

39 Reasons

I was going to treat this day just like any other. I was going to work, adjust my business plan, make phone calls, order swatches, etc. My reason: "I have no time to slow down. I have to keep working!" I started to think about the losses my family has endured this year and the additions we've had. I looked at the videos and pictures I took at my Mother's surprise birthday party the other day. I looked at how happy our family and friends were. The views were those of family and friends laughing with and embracing each other in long hugs! The images were of conversation between family and friends; listening attentively to each other. No one was in a rush. Everyone was laughing and all smiles for about  5 1/2 hours. I can see it now: Two weeks from now I'll be working and wishing that I had taken time on my day to celebrate my day! No thanks. Life is given to be honored!
                                    Today, I have 39 reasons
                        to acknowledge that today is not just any other day
                        to commemorate that I was given a chance at life
                        to celebrate that I know why I was a given a chance at life
                        to honor the people that I get to live this life with
                        to eat breakfast food all day
                        to make sure I get my birthday gift from Sephora
                        to make sure I use my birthday discount at DSW
                        to get up at the crack of dawn to write this post

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