Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Beauty Corner!

I hope this post finds you healthy and wealthy! Just wanted to drop in to share a few beauty finds. As you know, I am a cosmetic buff. Unless I plan on making a big purchase, I stay away from cosmetic counters. Every product looks new, even when it's not! So, I'll share with you the two products I picked up. Revlon launched this "new" mascara line called "All In One" that's supposed to give your lashes extra volume, length, and lift. Ok. So you maybe thinking, "Aren't all mascara lines made to do that?" I think Yes. But I can appreciate a product that does what the ads and the package say it's supposed to do. Now to my Smashbox Pure Wine lip color; the color on my lips looks different than how it shows in the tube. Surprise. Albeit, a pleasant one. Life sometimes demands simple makeup.  Both products work together for that early morning plane ride or that last minute date. Even when you want a little more drama, these two are easy to build a dramatic look from when you are short on time.  I'd love to hear about your new beauty finds!

A Serious Close up!

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