Thursday, July 21, 2016

Five Minute Make Up

      These sessions could be one of my favorite pieces to write on Tamu Talks. We deserve some pampering. Sometimes for me, pampering really is as simple as putting on a little makeup. Life is busy and it’s easy to say, “I don’t have time for pampering.” Of course, pampering goes beyond spending time in the mirror to put on mascara. Moments of pampering take us off of the grid so we can actually think in peace and recharge. I say you grab those moments every chance you get. Pen it on your calendar!

      Now for the makeup tip that you have been waiting for: So we know that nothing combats the sleepy face better than actually going to sleep! But in the meantime, this tip will carry you through.  I lightly dusted black eye shadow over my lid. Any dark eye shadow will work. When you do this, stay within the lid and be careful to not extend beyond the outer corner of your lid. Then I took my black eye liner and lined my bottom lid. I also lined my top lid and extended the liner slightly pass the corner of my eye. When you don’t have time for extra dramatics, you can #1 use a clear high gloss, #2 high gloss with a hint of color, or #3 fill in your lips with a neutral or mauve lip pencil and cover with a clear gloss. I chose #3, which you will see in the photos below. For my cheeks, I used a peach all-in-one eye shadow and blush by Makeup Forever ( 

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