Sunday, February 1, 2015

31 Days

It took me a "New York Minute" to write this post. Since I'm all about keeping this blog light, not too philosophical or emotional, I found myself struggling to find the "right" words. So, I started typing. Here's what happened:
It's amazing how so much can happen in 31 days. "31 days": Saying it; doesn't sound like much, but that's plenty of time for LIFE to happen. Some R&R time is in order: some regroup and recover time! I hope that you took that R&R time for yourself today.  Maybe you wrote in your journal, maybe you just sat in the quiet and looked out of the window (hopefully, you had a beach view!), or had a massage. As we continue to walk into this Love and History month, I applaud you, My Reader, for doing just that... continuing to walk.
"An no matter what I do I can't stop walking no
I know its the only way to go
And if I keep walking I'mma be ok
Its not always about knowing why
Sometimes its all about knowing what
And that's enough to keep you walking everyday"

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