Sunday, January 26, 2014


I hold a corporate job where I manage a department and forecast profits. From the outside, it looks as if my “career” is going well. But this job is just that: a job. It’s not a career. Some days while I’m in my office, I get sidetracked and go to my own business plan and just stare at it. I stare at it wishing I was in my design studio picking out fabrics for my next collection!  That makes for a long day! (Side note: I do not speak of my blog at work, so no co-workers will be reading this. However, it’s possible they could stumble across my blog. If that happens anytime soon and they see this....well.) I’ve had to eat, sleep, and breathe tenacity. Tenacity is keeping the right attitude from day to day while working a job that pays the bills, but doesn’t fit the bill. Tenacity must override the temptation to wake up Monday morning already wishing it was Friday again! Tenacity has to override feelings of being stuck. Tenacity must override frustration. Let.tenacity.rule.

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