Monday, May 27, 2013

What do you have right now?

Part of planning for whatever it is that you want, involves looking ahead and imagining; imagining how life will be when the door of the business you’re planning for finally opens; imagining how life will be when that first book is written, imaging how life when your brand is internationally known. It goes without saying that planning, working, regrouping, and living takes so much time. Sometimes it feels that even if there were 27 hours in a day, I would still wish for more time! Even though planning for the future is important, I don’t want to forget to focus on what is currently in front of me. I have parents and grandparents that need me to check up on them (I’m sure they will love to read this). I have siblings that need to me to make sure they are behaving in a way that will NOT embarrass their big sister. I have a niece and nephew that need spoiling. I have “nutty” friends to exchange stories with during conference calls and happy hour round tables. I have my special one who needs my attention (He may take issue with me listing him last, but I don't think he'll loose any sleep over it). I also want to remember to be thankful for, take care of, and manage the material things I have (Yes people! It is okay to be thankful for material things!). Side note: I believe that when you can handle and manage what you have right now, you are proving you can handle more in the future.  For the past month, I’ve realized that my time spent, along with my mental energy, has been focused on my future. From now on, I will make the time to just simply be thankful for what my life looks like right now.  

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