Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am not 21 anymore, but I.AM.NOT.OLD.  As my birthdays come and go, I appreciate time more and more.  Time is the number one gift in my life. I look at time as that gift that comes in a box labeled, “Fragile: Handle with care.” I haven’t always handled that gift with care. There aren’t any time machines on sale that will allow me to go back some years. So I look at the days that I have been given as another chance to make up for those times that I didn’t appreciate. Time comes with chances to correct wrongs, time comes with opportunities,  time comes with chances to be better, live better, love better, talk better, think better, and to have….. better.  Time is freedom. I hear often “Tamara you need more rest.” My response is always, “But I have things to do!” I can be obsessive with doing as much as I can until I completely wear myself out! There are some days and nights where I will choose an entire pot of coffee (with vanilla-caramel creamer) over a pillow and a blanket. I understand that appropriate amount of sleep is essential for good health. I’m trying to do better with time management so that I can get enough sleep and still accomplish what I need to do with my time. (Ok. Really. I’m still wondering how that is even possible. When I figure it out, I will let you know.) I’m excited about my time to come. I’m excited about the way I will spend my time. I’m excited about who I will get to spend it with. My time. My gift. My freedom.  

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